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19 of every 100 Indian children are out of school and 70% of those enrolled drop out before reaching secondary school. For a country with 193 million children of school age, these numbers mean that a large amount of uneducated children will never feel the benefit of India’s economic growth. Most of these children leave school simply because their parents cannot afford to send them to school or are forced to send them to work to make ends meet.

We have built a learning centre called 'Vision Learning Centre' (VLC). It offers non-formal education to out-of-school children from  rural slums and other backward communities.

We survey the area around the centre to collect data on the exact number of children not attending school living there. Once we have the name, age, and other specifics of the children, we make home visits to understand these children’s backgrounds and encourage their parents to enrol them into VLC.
We hold classes from 8am to 12 noon every day. A systematic teaching curriculum has been designed which is religiously followed by the volunteers/trainers here.