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Mainstreaming, in the context of education, is a practice of educating students with special needs in their regular classes during specific time periods based on their skills. Its means regular education classes are combined with special education classes. Main streaming is a regular practice at many schools. Special education students can be mainstreamed in to a regular education classroom for part of the school day. Baby Care Foundation (BCF) policy has emphasized the mainstreaming of children who were originally enrolled in EGS or AIE centers. States have been advised to upgrade the EGS facilities into regular schools. In the context of this policy, need to be seen in conjunction as the children served by EGS and AIE centers come from families enduring extreme poverty and other sources of vulnerability. Educating them is likely to draw out the best creative energies of the system The strategies for mainstreaming out of school children can be broadly divided in to three major categories- enrollment drives, universalizing physical access,and strategies for other out-ofschool children. Some children who are in very difficult circumstances, children who migrate with their families, street and other homeless children cannot be enrolled directly into regular schools. BCF allows taking up a variety of flexible alternatives programmes to cater to the needs of specific groups of out of school children. It is the obligation of the government to ensure not just enrolment but attending and completion of elementary education. In this connection mainstreaming programme is being run in all over the India. Specific strategies are planned for mainstreaming of these children.

However, despite of all efforts many children of both the sexes become out-of-school or dropout again even after their mainstreaming. It is observed that many children discontinue their study. What are the causes of this discontinuity? Whether this problem has similar nature or it has some different roots? The position is not still clear, and need to be explored in details. The present research was aimed at to examine enrolment pattern, attendance pattern and dropout pattern of the students of deprived poor community. The specific problems were to examine dropout variations in the home and school environment, and attitude of teachers towards deprived poor. Another specific problem was to explore the role of home environment, school environment and attitude of 2 teachers in determining the dropout in children after their mainstreaming. The specific objectives of the present research were as under:

1. To study the attendance pattern of the urban deprived children.

2. To study the dropout pattern of the urban deprived children

3. To understand the causes of becoming out-of-school again, the objectives were:

 A.  To examine family environment of the dropouts and other urban deprived children.

 b.  To analyse school environment of the dropouts and other urban deprived children

C.   To examine teachers’ attitude towards urban deprived children as perceived by the dropouts       and other students.

D.  To explore perceived causes of not going to school as perceived by students.

E.  To examine the role of different variables in determining the dropout.