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Baby Care for Education has been funding vocational training and placement of disadvantaged young people in south Delhi under Project Mujhe Padhna Hai since 2013. Trainees at our Jhansi, Delhi Centres benefit from our CSWC (Customer Service and Work Culture)  CODE (Computerised Office and Data Entry)  and  CPCTT (Certificate Program - Computer Teacher Training) programs designed to train and place young people into service sector roles and teaching careers. 

Baby Care for Education is a secular organization dedicated to bringing change in India by focusing on basic education and vocational training

The CSWC program provides vocational training and placement into the service sector and the CODE program provides training placement for those wishing to take up administrative roles in various sectors.

Project Nayi Pahal attempt to overcome the challenge presented by the inability of underprivileged youth to get reinforcement for their newly acquired English language skills in their home environments. Learning and practicing English is hard for students once they leave the classroom as they are unlikely to have access to other English speakers; their families are unlikely to accommodate their requests to watch / listen to English language TV stations /radio stations and English is not spoken in their local communities.

With funding from Baby Care for Education,  developed audio content that reflects and reinforces each session in the curriculum.  Trainees have access to low cost MP3 players, pre-recorded with the content of each session, listed by session number and session focus. The structures, vocabulary, dialogue and some translations of each session appear sequentially on the MP3 player. All our content is context-based to reflect the trainees’ life experiences and aspirations, and was designed to incorporate situations, language structures and vocabulary that the trainees find useful moving into careers in the organised service sector.

Our experience has shown that trainees are more engaged when using technology and are more receptive to audio and visual stimuli than the written word. The portable nature of the MP3 players also means trainees can be studying while on the way to work or school, while outside and at home in bed.

Language learning requires repetition and reinforcement and this method lends itself to both the circumstances of the students and to language learning in general.