Making An Education in India

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Baby Care foundation  stressed on different aspects of religion, youth, education, faith, character building as well as social issues pertaining to India. "If you want to know India, study Vivekananda. In him everything is positive and nothing negative. Vivekananda realized a country's future depends on its people, so he mainly stressed on man, "man-making is my mission",

Essence of education

Baby Care Foundation believed education is the manifestation of perfection already in men.  we think it a pity that the existing system of education did not enable a person to stand on his own feet, nor did it teach him self-confidence and self-respect. To Baby Care Foundation, education was not only collection of information, but something more meaningful; To BCF education is an assimilation of noble ideas.

Education is not the amount of information that we put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any man who has got by heart a whole library.

Positive education

Baby Care foundation  stressed on giving the public only positive education, because negative thoughts weaken men. if young boys and girls are encouraged and are not unnecessarily criticized all the time, they are bound to improve in time.
In New York, Vivekananda used to observe the Irish colonists come – downtrodden, haggard-looking, destitute of all possessions at home, penniless, and wooden-headed – with their only belongings, a stick and a bundle of rags hanging at the end of it, fright in their steps, alarm in their eyes. Baby Care foundation  feels likewise, the education that young boys and girls receive is very negative. BCF thinks they do not gain confidence or self-respect from these education, so according to Baby Care foundation  only positive education should be given to children.


Knowledge is inherent in man, no knowledge comes from outside; it is all inside. What we say a man ‘knows’, should, in strict psychological language, be what he ‘discovers’ or ‘unveils’. What a man ‘learns’ is really what he ‘discovers’ by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge. We say Newton discovered gravitation. Was it sitting anywhere in a corner waiting for him? It was in his own mind; the time came and he found it out. All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in your own mind. The external world is only the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to study your own mind. The falling of an apple gave the suggestion to Newton, and he studied his own mind. He rearranged all the previous links of thought in his mind and discovered a new link among them, which we call the law of gravitation. It was not in the apple nor in anything in the centre of the earth.